I always felt Jack Nicholson was incorrectly cast. He already comes off crazy from the get-go, so his full march into insanity wasn't so shocking. And apparently, Stephen King felt similarly, which was just one of King's many issues with Kubrick's film adaptation. » 3/07/14 12:17pm 3/07/14 12:17pm

Whatever Happened to Josh Hartnett? An Exploration of His Recent Work

Remember Josh Hartnett, the heartthrob of the late 90's and early aughts with the irresistible cleft chin? Of course you do: he scuffled with Chris Klein over Leelee Sobieski in Here on Earth, fought the Japanese with Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor and struggled, charmingly, with his hormones in 40 Days and 40 Nights.… » 3/06/14 12:00pm 3/06/14 12:00pm

Is There Hope for Humanity or Are We Going to Destroy Ourselves?

"We are running 21st-century software — our knowledge — on hardware [our brains and bodies] that hasn't been upgraded for 50,000 years, and this lies at the core of many of our problems," Ronald Wright explains in Surviving Progress, the film loosely based on his book A Short History of Progress. (If you haven't seen… » 2/28/14 12:00pm 2/28/14 12:00pm

Witness the Bleak Reality of Independent Development in Indie Game

"I was actually seriously depressed for about three to four months after Braid came out," says Jonathan Blow, the best-selling game's creator in Indie Game: The Movie. This 2011 documentary (which you can watch here) follows the progress of four independent game designers as they go through the stressful process of… » 2/28/14 12:00pm 2/28/14 12:00pm

Has Humankind Destroyed Itself Through Progress?

The human species survived as hunter-gatherers for 99.8% of its existence. In the .2% of our time on Earth since, we have become a globally dominant civilization capable of destroying our planet — the only home we know. » 2/24/14 4:00pm 2/24/14 4:00pm

Stakes Are High And Developers' Tears Are Flowing in Indie Game

Unlike independent music or film, the independent video gaming industry rarely gets much recognition — and when it does, the pressure and criticism from the gaming community can be crushing. » 2/24/14 4:00pm 2/24/14 4:00pm

I like to think of it as a bullet point sandwich. The top discussion and the bottom discussion (us!) are what keeps it from being open face. » 2/21/14 1:15pm 2/21/14 1:15pm

Discuss Iconic Fallen Race-Car Driver Ayrton Senna in Senna

Although Ayrton Senna's inevitable death at the age of 34 hung ominously over the 2010 documentary Senna (you can watch here if you haven't seen it yet), it captured and celebrated the Brazilian Formula 1 driver's awe-inspiring racing career. And there's a lot more to the story than just tragedy. » 2/21/14 12:00pm 2/21/14 12:00pm

Senna Is the Haunting Tale of One of Formula 1's Greatest Legends

Legendary Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna's fatal crash at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix happened just one day after Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger died the same way. To a newcomer to racing (like me) Senna's death at 34 years of age is so tragic it seems unbelievable. But for racing diehards, it's an all too… » 2/17/14 4:00pm 2/17/14 4:00pm

Discuss Amsterdam's Famous Senior Sex Workers in Meet the Fokkens

Although Meet the Fokkens shows the 69-year-old twin sisters gallivanting around Amsterdam in matching outfits with peppy accordion music playing in the background, this doc is more than just a lighthearted romp about a pair of seniors taking us through the daily ins and outs of the red-light district. » 2/14/14 12:00pm 2/14/14 12:00pm

Amsterdam's Oldest Prostitutes Star in Meet the Fokkens

The world has never known sisters as devoted to each other as Louise and Martine Fokkens. And they're more than just sisters — they're identical twins, artists, and (at 69 years old) Amsterdam's oldest prostitutes. » 2/10/14 4:00pm 2/10/14 4:00pm

You mean, Juice Press? I went there once and bought the "Herbal Cleanse" juice. On the label it said "awful tasting". I thought they were joking. They were not. » 2/07/14 4:58pm 2/07/14 4:58pm

Discuss The Rise And Fall Of Todd Marinovich In The Marinovich Project

Hi there Documentary Club. Today we're discussing The Marinovich Project, which chronicles the dramatic ascent and rapid decline of Todd Marinovich, popularly known as Robo QB. If you haven't seen it yet, drop what you're doing and watch it here. » 2/07/14 12:00pm 2/07/14 12:00pm

Watch A "Test Tube Athlete" Rise And Fall In The Marinovich Project

"Robo QB," "Bionic Boy," and "Marijuana-vich" are but a few of the nicknames that have been given to Todd Marinovich. He's had about as many monikers as a superhero, and like most of those masked marvels, Marinovich had an almost mythical upbringing. » 2/03/14 3:59pm 2/03/14 3:59pm